Important Guidelines for Buying Lanyards


Printed lanyards are crucial items used for identification purposes.  They can be used to show a worker’s badge, an ID card or to carry a bunch of keys with a name tag.  Since lanyards are simple to customize, carry and use, they are very popular among many people.  They are also very cheap and give their owners an opportunity to brand them the way they want.  The following are important guidelines to help you get the best lanyards.

When buying lanyards, it is necessary to take into account some few things.  First and foremost, consider who you are buying the lanyards for.  Is it for employees at a workplace, in a school or other types of institutions?  By answering this question, you will have an idea of how to customize the lanyards.  Nevertheless, it is vital to customize lanyards according to the specific institution’s theme and colors, view website here!

Lanyards from Lanyards USA are also very useful in schools though they cannot be worn by everyone.  In most cases, a few students or teachers are designated to put them on.  This depends on the positions that they hold in the institution.  For students, they are usually given to the prefects and leaders of various departments.  This also applies to the teachers too.  Therefore, the lanyards should be printed to show names and designation of the teacher or student.

The quality of the lanyard should be good enough to last long.  The most common materials used for lanyards are nylon and polyester.  Thus, be keen to check on quality and whether they are ideal for printing purposes.  They should be able to hold the name and logo of the company, school or institution.  Cotton and denim materials are also usable and provide quality printing too.  However, for an opaque style and a simple one, you may opt to use elastic, vinyl and neoprene materials. Know more about lanyards at

Another point to consider is the clip attachment.  There are many types of clip attachments on the market as well as their accessories.  It is wise to ask yourself if you want a metal attachment or a plastic one.  Most customers prefer metal attachment since it looks more beautiful and also adds some weight to the lanyard.  There are also others who prefer the plastic ones due to their reasons.

The ID card holders should also be considered when looking for lanyards to buy.  Check the size that you require as well as the whether they can hold the cards securely.  The holders should also allow for easy removal and return to allow for scanning when the need arises.


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